Ideas for setting up a book club

How to start a film club life and style the guardian. Bloggers zandra and karen june, the team behind the blog little yellow couch, host a libraryinspired book club gathering with plenty of vintage touches. Or, have a handout with up to five questions that everyone will keep in mind throughout the discussion. Starting a book club is more complicated than you might think. This gives everyone time to get the book and read it. Whats some advice for someone who wants to start a virtual book club. As you read each novel, jot down page numbers and passages that moved you and where you found answers to the discussion questions.

If you want your kids to feel an attachment to their book club, consider building it around a theme that resonates with them. In a library setting, chatterbooks reading clubs often meet monthly. Mar 31, 2014 vintage meets modern in these clever and crafty librarianinspired book club party ideas created by zandra and karen june, of the blog little yellow couch. You never have to worry about a meeting space, appetizers or cleaning upand your.

We had a tree, we strung up lights, borrowed sofas and chairs, and brought cushions and rugs. Literary book decor, a surprising theme, cocktails of course, and even a book swap or a donation bin celebrate the true spirit of the month. For theme ideas, look for a common interest among the kids, a specific genre of books they love, or an author or series they enjoy. Aug 18, 2017 if your kid or niece, nephew, godchild, etc. The second post details how to establish expectations and create a schedule, and the third post discusses accountability and assessment procedures recent literacy research has revealed that choice is the key ingredient in a successful reading program, especially for reluctant readers. Maybe you want to catch up with friends, meet new people, or even a mix of these. If you always wanted to run a book club at your workplace but didnt know where to start, this article will give you a bunch of tips thatll help you set up shop. Get ideas for books from the various reading lists. How to run a book club for seniors senior living link. Keep your book club interesting by switching up the themes, genres, and time periods. Consider checking to see if the book is available in large print or on audio for anyone who has a hard time reading.

Here are book club ideas from reading group themes to fun book group activities that liven up any group. My kids love to act out scenesthe climax or their favorite partand as they recreate it, they come to understand it better, says riedel. Tips on how to run a successful book discussion group. Gather your friends and read more books by starting a book club. Its good for entrylevel employees or newer people to stand up and have a voice, and a book club is a good place to do it, she says. Bring one or two options for meeting times and the first book. Each session should last a minimum of 40 minutes many chatterbooks clubs meet for 1 to 1. Coordinate with your members to set up a prebook club meeting. Start a book club checklist decide on the tone and theme of the club.

Youll want to give people an idea of what to expect. Each project can be the title of your book selection. Get together a core group it is much easier to start a book club with two or three people who already have some connection. Book club ideas for decorating and getting started. If you are starting a book club yourself, you may need some ideas for creating a fun group that people will come back to time after time. A great way to gather a large diverse group is to invite 35 people and ask each of them to invite 3 or 4 friends. This is my first time running a club and having a teacher depend on me to. Most book groups have a rotating selection of books.

Whoevers turn it is selects the next book to be read. Make a new page in your family book club scrapbook. Even better, imagine your student readers encouraging other student readers from home. The cutest book club party ideas ever country living. Insist that discussion time be limited to the book. The reading agencys reading groups for everyone has information on setting up and running book groups. Go alphabetically, by birthdays, or by whatever order you decide. Sep 03, 2015 the educational technology and mobile learning website is a great source for more ideas. Ideas for how to do better book clubs in middle school.

Nothing puts fear into my heart like that annual signup sheet asking for my best book club suggestions. Before you even think about the first book you want to offer. A lot of the time theyre ideas we could never actually pull off. Form an employee book club see success stories in which a group of employees voluntarily read the same book. Starting your own book club is an endeavor that we applaud. Book clubs are a great way to engage students with reading and help build a reading culture at your school. Will they be hosted at someones home, in a public space, or online. Book club ideas refreshing ideas for a successful book club. Sep 14, 2017 at goodreads, khuri chandler organizes groups with this in mind. Book club ideas kid through adult great group activities. Scroll on to find genius ideas thatll make sure your book club party is a story for the ages.

There are typically 10 to 15 children in a chatterbooks club. Its good for entrylevel employees or newer people to stand up and have a voice, and a book club. Work book club success stories two companies share their experience with book clubs in the workplace. If you need ideas to get you started, reference already popular book clubs. Five easy steps to create a fun and rewarding experience. Its important to set yourself a regular posting schedule and stick to it, so that readers know when to expect your latest post. Three years ago, i read a book, got inspired, and started a dinner club. Running a bookclub by dymphna flynn producer, bookclub and peter guttridge. The goal of this snuggly family book club time is to share a lovely experience reading and enjoying books. Jan 25, 2017 slack is preferable for private book clubsonly people you invite or share the link with will be able to find the chat. This post is the first in a threepart series about how to run a book club in your classroom. Coordinate with your members to set up a pre book club meeting.

Remember that the theme of your book may determine the atmosphere of your book club. Based on the type of book club you have decided upon, choose a setting. However, be careful of letting your common sense tell you any of the book club ideas are too youthful for grown up book clubs, if thats what youre dealing with. After everyone has presented their suggestions take a vote on each title. At goodreads, khuri chandler organizes groups with this in mind. Natalia has returned to her roots in balkan country to lend a hand at an orphanage, and.

The second post details how to establish expectations and create a schedule, and the third post discusses accountability and assessment procedures. Setting up a book club in school reading groups and book clubs are a hugely popular way of engaging readers and are a way into opening the box of reading delights. Book club tips tips on how to run a successful book discussion group. Where, when and how will you hold book club meetings. The ideal size of a book club is between 8 and 16 members. Choose a theme you are passionate about or the picking of the books will start to turn into drudgery.

Before everyone arrives, take a look at these ideas to help make sure. Gather everyone together to discuss the first book option, the permanent meeting location and time, how the book club will be run, and the goals for the book club. Set a regular meeting time an ideal size for a book club is eight to 11 people. Find ideas for discussions and activities your book club will enjoy. Connect with your neighbors, learn something new and have fun at the same time.

Even though there are many online book clubs on the internet, you can start your own online book club. However, a number of cities, schools, churches, organizations, and conferences have used the. Explore options for setting up and running a book club. Starting a book club is a fun way to enjoy books, meet new people. Its more fun to read the same book with your buddies, which is why book clubs are especially great for reluctant readers. Draw from their collages when introducing the book club concept. Ask around the office, playgroups, your church, or civic organizations.

One of the cornerstones of book club is student choice, and this element begins with allowing students to select their text. A few startup tips from vicki levy krupp, coauthor of the kids book club book. You dont want the group turning into an exclusive team that other employees will feel uncomfortable joining. The best thing about starting your own is that you can design it to reflect your particular reading. Aug 05, 2017 this post is the first in a threepart series about how to run a book club in your classroom. New classroom book clubs facebook group the classroom book clubs program includes membership in a private facebook group of teachers who are implementing this approach to literature circles. Face it, book clubs might sound neat, but its really just made up of people who would be reading whether theres a club or not hail, fellow geeks. Having discussion questions before your book club meets will help facilitate a good discussion of your book.

Putting 100 plus students together in an online community to have conversations can be scary. Obrehts portrayal of a southeast europe corrupted by war yet inspired by legends and fairy tales is both touching and deeply important. One of the best pairings with our wine is a good book club. Send out monthly meeting reminders via email, twitter, or facebook. Whether youre a school librarian or a teacher, allowing time for. You should also encourage each member to pick different books whenever their turn comes up. Check out these tactful ways for book club leaders to identify the source of interruptions and harness them for good. Sep 08, 2019 to start a book club, start by finding a small group of people who all love to read, like friends, family members, or coworkers. The current employee book club members can also recruit new readers by talking about the positive experience of participating. An activitybased book club focuses not on reading skills, but on celebrating the story characters, setting, themes and more and taps into kids natural instinct to share ideas with peers, and to play and create. If you belong to a book group yourself, you will know that the pleasure of reading is multiplied when we share our ideas, explore differences of opinion and find common interests. You can focus on a specific author, genre, time period, or topic. I started a dinner club and it changed my life pinch of yum.

Reveal the book club idea, like a fun surprise, building anticipation about the way were going to experience our next book together, use pictures or video, have students create their own collage of what a book club might look like imagine no limitations. Club ideas book club ideas for decorating and getting started. Alert friends, family, and coworkers that youre starting a club. You can find a book group to join on the site, or find out how to add your group to their. Go ahead and take that train ride in disguise with your adult history book club, or pass secret notes at the coffee house without anyone seeing with other grownups of your spy novel club. And there are so many more ways to host a family book club. Book lovers group of gainesville the breakfast book club book club tips by litlovers. Ask one employee to lead the discussion about the weeks assigned chapter or two. Imagine being able to encourage your student readers from home.

Time, place, and date of future meetings for your book club. The huffington post selected the tigers wife for our now discontinued book club in 2011, and with good reason. But no matter if you are a book club purist or a book club hybridist, here are three steps with four free guides for setting up and assessing book clubs in your classes. Many books have discussion guides that can be purchased or downloaded online. Members who would rather socialize be gentle but firm. Aside from read the book, here are other ideas to encourage a lively, enjoyable. Alternatively, the discussion leader could write down a different question on multiple cards and give each member a card. How to run a fullchoice book club in your classroom. Book club parties are a good way to get friends together and have great discussion over appetizers, drinks, or brunch. We have a lot of ideas about how to use book clubs in the classroom, and some traditional and creative methods of assessing book club work. Why you should start a book club with your coworkers cnbc. This facebook group is a great place to ask questions and share ideas with other teachers as you implement literature circles.

The scholastic summer challenge includes prizes like a free e book, and a chance to set a world record for summer reading minutes. Then, decide on a place for your book club to meet, like your house or a local library. There is never any one way to experience or interpret a book. One family member can make up discussion questions and lead the discussion take turns. If you dont have anywhere to meet in person, you can start a virtual book club using social media or video chatting.

Plan 30 minutes for food, wine and catchingup with friends, an hour to 90. Often youll at least recruit some help in completing the rest of the steps. Some clubs hold book discussions first and invite social members to join afterward. Enter your email and follow the prompts to set up your new workspace aka online book club. If your guests have busier schedules, think about meeting every other month. Sometimes you might find enough people to start a book club right away.

Your guide to starting a book club in your school oxford. Oct 14, 2015 setting up a book club in school reading groups and book clubs are a hugely popular way of engaging readers and are a way into opening the box of reading delights. Take a vote if you would like to have everyone involved in the decision making process. Combine the book reading with a regularly scheduled discussion meeting to double the impact of the book. When scheduling, remember to allow enough time for most people to read the book you chose. Please feel free to use them, online or off, with attribution. Whether your book club is a few close friends or a larger group, hosting a book club party still takes some amount of planning. Ideas for how to do better book clubs in middle school april 10, 2017 april 10, 2017 pernille ripp in 2015, i wrote a post discussing how i was doing book clubs with my 7th graders and how their ideas had shaped our process to be more powerful. The possibilities presented here are for kid through grown up book clubs including those focused on nonfiction, romances, history book clubs and so on. The discussion leader could ask one question at a time to the group. Jodie rodriguez, of growing book by book, organizes a monthly family dinner book club for her preschoolaged children with a themed menu, table decorations, and conversation starters.

It wasnt a book about dinner clubs necessarily, but the author wrote bits and pieces about her dinner club, and the value of those lifelong relationships, and the really good food they bonded over, and i was like. How to start a successful book club in 6 simple steps. The success of your book club and blog will increase if you have a moderator. In fact, differing opinions make the best discussions. Make a designated facebook group for all members to join. We set this up with a two month lead time to give members and ourselves time to put it on their schedules and to read the book.

How to start a book club that doesnt suck book riot. Lindsay personalized storebought bookplates to mark each place setting and topped off the. Or make a blockbusterstyle trailer summarizing the book with imovie. His or her main role is setting up and overseeing the blog. Do invite new members to the book club each time a new book is started. There are a lot of different social media platforms out there, but facebook is among. Come up with ideas for book choices and any genre themes you would want to follow.

To start a book club, start by finding a small group of people who all love to read, like friends, family members, or coworkers. Oklahoma city events designer lindsay gibson shares her ideas for a book club table setting. You do not want your book club members to get bored. Think about how you would like the discussions to flow. In a school setting, the clubs meet weekly or fortnightly.

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